Recruiting Staff and Volunteers

At our company we are currently in the process of recruiting new staff members, including volunteers. We understand the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of those we serve, which is why we have implemented certain measures during the recruitment process.

One of the key steps we take is conducting Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks on all potential staff members. These checks are essential in helping us make informed decisions when it comes to hiring individuals who will be working with vulnerable populations, such as children or adults in need of care.

DBS checks involve a thorough background screening, which includes checking an individual’s criminal record, if any. This helps us identify any potential risks or concerns that may affect the safety and welfare of those we serve. It is our responsibility to ensure that all staff members, including volunteers, are suitable and trustworthy individuals.

In addition to DBS checks, we also ensure that our staff members are registered and up to date with relevant qualifications and certifications. This is particularly important for roles that involve teaching, such as the duties of Daniel Twist, one of our staff members.

Daniel Twist: Teaching Duties

Daniel Twist is a valued member of our team, and his responsibilities primarily revolve around teaching. As a company, we believe in providing high-quality education and guidance to those we serve, and Daniel plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.

With his extensive knowledge and experience in the field, Daniel brings a wealth of expertise to his teaching duties. He is passionate about helping students learn and grow, and his dedication is evident in the positive impact he has on our students.

Daniel goes above and beyond to ensure that each student receives personalized attention and support. He creates a nurturing and inclusive learning environment where students feel motivated and empowered to reach their full potential.

Furthermore, Daniel stays updated with the latest teaching methodologies and approaches, constantly refining his skills to provide the best possible education to our students. His commitment to professional development and continuous learning sets an excellent example for both his colleagues and the students he teaches.


As we continue to recruit staff members and volunteers, we prioritise the safety and well-being of those we serve. Through thorough DBS checks and ensuring qualifications and certifications are up to date, we aim to create a secure and supportive environment.

With individuals like Daniel Twist on our team, who are dedicated to their teaching duties and the growth of our students, we are confident in our ability to provide exceptional education and guidance to those who rely on our services.

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